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How many of you are constantly caught up with the question, Aaj kya khaun? This question irritates me all the more when I’m trying to eat healthy! And, all the fancy photos of delicious food on the internet just make my taste buds go crazy. So what do I do?

Well, after going through months of torture and reading a million articles, I’m happy to announce that ache din of eating whatever you want are finally here. Yaayyy!! I have found the perfect thing which automatically brings the calorie meter down on all my favourite food. Any guesses guys? *drum rolls* Introducing Brown Rice!
Okay, so I might have joined the brown rice league a little late but hey, I’m finally here. And, if you are also wondering whether or not to switch to brown rice then here are a few reasons why you should make that switch already! 

1. Reduce your calorie intake, one Brown Rice Burrito bowl a day! 

2. Doesn’t matter if the chicken came first or the egg, just remember to get them with Brown Rice instead! 

3. Add some brown rice to your plate and stop worrying about the calories you ate! 

4. Rajma chawal is always nice, just remember to make it with brown rice. 

5. Still, need more? Okay, here’s one more… 

If food is something that makes your spirits soar high, then my friend, brown rice is totally worth a try! 

Okay, I admit, some of the above words don’t rhyme as nicely but India Gate Brown Rice goes perfectly well with all your favourite recipes. *slurp* It is not just healthy because it is loaded with fibres, but brown rice also keeps your heart health, diabetes and immunity in check. So go ahead and try it today!