From popcorn salad to deep-fried water, the lockdown has seen the emergence of the most bizarre food recipes. 

A piping hot bowl of slurpy Maggi has always been the go-to comfort food for every millennial. It’s not just food, it’s an emotion for us all. However, people have recently started experimenting with this cult dish. 

Second Recipe

The most recent and perhaps the most grotesque trend is experimenting with ‘Maggi Laddoos’. Yes, you read it right. It has freaked us all out, just like you. It is a food combination that no one asked for, yet it’s here. This recipe comes with a sweet and spicy variation.  


The spicy variation of this bizarre dish is made by mixing cooked Maggi with chopped capsicum, breadcrumbs, cheese, red chilli powder and mixed herbs. It is then rolled into balls and deep-fried like pakoras. Finally, it is served with sauce and chutney.

Coming to the sweet variation, it’s made with heating crushed jaggery, cardamom powder and butter in a pan. Once done, crushed raw Maggi noodles are added to the mixture. Then they are finally rolled into balls.

It has left twitterati in fits of laughter. Check it out!

Would you dare to try this recipe?