If you are a fan of South Indian food, then you have come to love vada. But there is a certain problem with that. Most other dishes, you can learn and prepare at home. But vada is a form of art. 


From making the very batter to perfecting its doughnut-like shape, it is something only your mother or grandmother might cook to perfection!

The Spruce

Which means, unless you are in the South or there’s someone in your family who knows how to cook this, you are never going to satisfy that craving. We mean, the batter itself is messy as it is. And don’t even get us started on the shape. It’s more difficult than making a gol roti. No kidding!

But then comes this company that seemingly has managed to engineer an easy process to cook the perfect Vada.


All you need to do is open the packet and squeeze. Lo & behold, you have your vada with its signature doughnut shape!


Now, frying it properly so that it doesn’t get burnt; that’s on you, mate.

This is actually a pretty genius move. Actually, for those who love vada, this is the best thing to have happened since Jaime left Cersei!


And Twitter seems to have accepted it with open arms.

So the next time your mom pops into town, surprise her!