I have been a vegetarian since my childhood, and guess what? I have survived till now without eating non-veg. Because, hey, that’s the choice I made for myself like you did when you devoured that chicken-biryani. 

So, the next time you ask me, “ek bite toh try kar” or “tu paneer hi khaegi na.” I would say I am done with those dumb questions and lame jokes. Let’s evolve this debate a little? Maza hi ayeaga, lol. That said, allow me to introduce you to a list of things vegetarians are tired of hearing. 

1. Veg-biryani is pulao.

Hear me out before you butcher me with its pulao and not biryani. The cuisines, no matter where they come from, evolve. Like we have veg sushi, veg momos and what not! Also, if you would have known how differently pulao is made, this debate would have ended then and there.   

2. You know the egg is veg right? Try kar.

Sure. But egg=chickens period. And I am sorry that I have no will to try it. Bye.  

3. You know right, eating veg is not saving animals?

Well, yeah, of course, I am aware of that. But I think you mixed vegetarianism with veganism. Go fact check! Or maybe if the majority of the population abstains from eating meat, we could save some animals. Again, it is a choice! 

4. What if you are stuck on an island all alone- what would you eat?

Firstly, f**uck you for sending me there. Now, if the stakes were so high and you could only eat veg. What would you do?

5. Try the gravy at least? Pyaar ho jayega tujhe!

No. Thank you. I am allergic to love. Also, gravy khane se kya hi hoga yaar? I am happy with my rajma gravy ingredients toh kaafi same hi hote hai. 

6. How can you reject chicken or non-veg dishes without even trying?

Who says I am rejecting it? Why would you force me to try something I never had in my entire life? 

7. Plants are living beings too. How can you kill them?

Okay, firstly, after all that research this is what you had to say? So, plants don’t have a brain or nervous system. Guess what? They regenerate too. It’s cool that you love non-veg, But don’t use this statement to justify yourself. 

8. Being a vegetarian cannot be healthy. Protein kahase milta hai?

Ever heard of daal, sprouts, soybeans, milk, or vegetables, you need more options? 

9. Ghaas-phoos kahake bore nhi hota kya?

Nhi. Luckily, we have a lot of options. Like the veggie burger, pizza, Thai curry, or lasagna. Also, don’t you need ghaas-phoos in some non-veg dishes? 

10. “Terko ek din galti se khela degy.”

Why? What thrill will you get? Ever heard of free will?

11. What about milk, cheese, paneer? Is that veg?

Technically yes. Because it doesn’t end up killing an animal. Again you mixed vegetarianism with veganism.

12. Do you mind if I eat non-veg in front of you?

Thank you for being so considerate. Yes, you can eat until you force me to try it. 

13. You have no idea what you are missing out on!

Actually, I do. But thank you for all the convincing though.

14. There’s no way I could survive without non-veg. How do you do it?

Many ways. I could have that spicy veg momo, or how about some yummy pancakes. See, we exist. 

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