In association with UNIBIC Cookies

We all have dreams. It’s probably the only place where we can achieve the world and be anything we want. No judgements. No disappointments. Then we wake up one day and promise ourselves to make it a reality. 

Everyone works hard to live their moment in the sunHowever, it doesn’t make sense to wait till we achieve something supremely big, to give ourselves a pat on the back. We all have a sleeping giant within us, our hidden talents which should be a cause for our celebration on any given day. These skills are our own and they make us cool in a unique way. And we don’t even need to work for them. 

This is why, our beloved cookie brand, UNIBIC is pushing us to show off our hidden talents to the world in its new fun campaign #CookieCredit. It’s a small effort by the brand to spread cheer in these hard times, by reminding us to celebrate ourselves and acknowledge our every effort. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small or big, if we have even a single thing about ourselves that makes us unusual, then it’s worth flexing. And while we do so, we can also give ourselves a #CookieCredit. 

To get their wonderful message across, the brand has roped in some of our favourite influencers to show off their hidden skills and we can’t decide which one is our favourite. Check out Gaurav Taneja sharing the ultimate secret on how to keep your cookie from drowning in your tea. *Takes notes*

While Sukriti is sharing with us some of her wacky talents which we can’t help but find adorable. 

Look what Abhijeet Kain is upto. All thanks to his face painting skills, we had a good hearty laugh after so long. 

And digital creator Slayy Point is sharing some bizarre facts about people that have absolutely blown our minds away. Listen to her and join the brigade. 

In a world which is waiting to bring you down and benefit from your self-doubt, loving yourself is a very rebellious act. So let UNIBIC’s #CookieCredit campaign be the perfect excuse for us to appreciate ourselves a little bit more with every weird, funny, silly, unique, or cool secret talent we have.

All one needs to do is make a video of their hidden talent and upload it on social media, tagging @UNIBICCookiesIndia. And do not forget to give yourself a #CookieCredit for it. Check out what UNIBIC has to say here

So turn your camera on, because it’s time for the world to know just how special you are.