In association with Harvest Gold

A Christmas morning is like a warm hug. And a Christmas breakfast is a warmer hug – with Michael Bublé singing in your ear. It goes without saying, the day comprises of only one thing. Food. 

My fondest memory of Christmas has always been the endless amount of food throughout the day. The dining table looks like the Delhi metro at 5:30 on a Monday evening, on steroids. There’s so much food in the house with everyone constantly eating. It goes without saying, that it’s constant nashta o’clock at my house.

This Christmas, with my excitement levels off the charts, I came across this really cool contest by Harvest Gold, where they’re asking us to unleash our inner artist by creating food art with our nashta. 

Here’s what they’re upto! And I’m fascinated. Can’t wait to get all artsy with my nashta – morning to midnight! 

Folks, it’s time to take a crust fall (geddit?) and be the artist you always wanted to be. All you have to do is make your nashta into art! 

So, don’t forget to send Harvest Gold your art using the hashtag #MeraChristmasNashta and get a chance to be one of the 5 lucky winners to win exciting prizes worth 50k! 

If you want to participate, the contest will be held between the 23rd to the 25th of December, 2019; and the winners will be announced between the 27th and 31st of December,2019.

 And if you need some inspiration for your nashta, check out their Instagram page here and keep tabs on all the guidelines! As this decade comes to an end, have yourself a Merry Christmas and a merrier Nashta!