Trash those hash brownies, cast away the space cakes, 23-year-old California chef Chris Sayeigh is taking the highly appreciated but mostly unrefined art of getting stoned via edibles to the next level. He’s been utilising a world of different techniques to infuse his 5-star meals with hefty amounts of THC, something that Colorado’s Hapa Sushi also tinkers with, encouraging people to combine fine weed with different foods to enhance the dining experience. However, while the recreational use of cannabis has been legal in Colorado, only medical use has been legalised in California, which is surely a bone of contention for the psychotropically inclined chef.

According to Chris, “This is a cerebral experience. With each bite, you’re literally changing your brain chemistry.”

Watch the video by Quartz, which shows him using a radiant marijuana oil and infusing it into the food with a vaporiser, plus other tasty shots of pretty food and things!