If there were just one thing in the whole wide world that could be equated with pure happiness, I believe with all my heart that a certain dairy product would win by a landslide vote. Cheese. It’s humanity’s answer to all evil things. Gather around so we can celebrate all its infinite glory.

Here’s a tribute to the best food in the world – cheese – not just for being a top food by itself but also for making literally all other foods better just by being added to them.

Serious Eats

1. Cheese, if there ever was one, is the food that commands attention.

You thought cheese was junk? Cheese can be elegant. Cheese fondue proves it.

Penn Mac

2. Spread it, dip it, melt it. Cheese is the kind of heavenly goodness you could bathe in.

When you’re in the mood for something out of the ordinary, sweetened cream cheese should do it for you.

Laura’s Sweet Spot

3. The beauty of cheese is that there isn’t much it doesn’t fit perfectly with.

Warning: Nacho cheese sauce makes you a selfish person, because it’s too damn tasty to share.

Budget Bytes

4. If you want a decadent snack, cheese truly is one thing you could never go wrong with.

Mozzarella sticks are your true soulmate, they’ll never let you down. 


5. Eating toh aside, even cooking with it is a pretty ineffable delight. I mean, look at it.


6. And whether you’re cooking with gouda, mozzarella, feta or parmesan, rest assured your kitchen’s going to smell like an angel’s breath.

If you could eat love by the spoonful, it’d taste like creamy baked crab mac and cheese.

Nordstrom Fashion Blog

7. The only downside to cooking with cheese could be that you might get mesmerised by it.

Nothing can melt your heart like the sight of Hassleback potatoes with cheese.


8. And pizza, to make a bold understatement, is the greatest invention of man.


9. Because you can literally never go wrong with your toppings as long as there’s a bucket of melted cheese to sit on top of it all.


 Find the recipe of this fiery Cheese Buldak here: Maangchi

10. Could. Never. Go. Wrong.

First And Monday’s

11. And that’s only the beginning of the looooong list of scrumptious goodies one can make with cheese.

If you’re feeling lonely at night, homemade mac and cheese will keep you company.

Four Square

12. From pizza, to pasta, to a plain and simple grilled cheese sandwich!


13. Cheese is characteristic to practically any mouth-watering meal, if you really think about it.


14. ‘Cause it has a way of sizzling in our minds just like it sizzles in the oven.

The Melon Farm

15. And yet, not much is more calming than watching the melted cheese bubble away.


16. I think we can all agree, if God were a food, they would probably take cheesy form.


‘Cause at the end of the day, what is it that we get from cheese that literally no other food can give us?

Huffington Post

So here’s to you, amazing, sticky, glorious cheese. In any form, with anything, you’re always the absolute effin’ best.

Masthead source: Alphacoders, Feature source: Celebrations