In one of a kind contest, a restaurant in Pune, Shivraj Hotel, is offering customers a Royal Enfield Bullet if they are able to finish thali that weighs 4kgs in 60 minutes.   

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The owner of the eatery, Atul Waikar, came up with this interesting ‘Win a Bullet Bike’ contest to drive people to his restaurant. 

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This non-vegetarian thali has 12 different types of dishes such as- Pomfret fried fish, dry mutton, grey mutton, kolumbi biryani, fried surmai etc. 

It takes 55 people to make this 4 kgs worth thali and costs Rs 2500 per thali. 

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Till now, Somnath Pawar from Solapur district has won the contest by finishing the thali in under 60 minutes. Afterwhich he was offered a Bullet worth around 1.65 lakhs. 

While in conversation with India Today Television, the owner shared that, due to this contest, people have been flocking to his eatery. 

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He has been getting a good response to this strategy. Although this is not the first time Atul has come up with such an innovative idea.

Previously, he had also arranged a contest where 4 people had to finish 8kg worth thali in 60 minutes to win a cash prize of Rs. 5000. The winner would also be compensated for the amount paid for the thali initially. 

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Well, with a prize like that, I’d go hungry for an entire day just to win the competition.