We don’t lie when we say we food our our faith and you dare not mess with our belief. Okay, it’s healthy to try some new food combinations but going too far with it is downright disgusting. We have compiled a list of times Internet ruined Indian food and our faces are flushed red with rage.

1. Three idlis on sticks arranged on a platter, with one dipped in a bowl of sambar. Kulfi or idli?

2. Chocolate cheese dosa. I’m sure it dosan’t work for the desis. 

3. Daal, chawal & sabzi in a.. glass? We weren’t ready for this revolution.

4. Would just leave it here.. 

5. End of mankind. 

6. This is disrespecting both Indian food as well as Mac and Cheese!

7. It’s the thought behind it that I pity. 

8. Upma destroyed brutally. 

9. Nutella gulaab jamun casually inviting diabetes 

Nutella and gulab jamun(indian sweet)

10. Birizza? Big NO. 

11. Need independence from these innovations. 

12. Should’ve come with a disclaimer. 

13. Now who did this?

14. Mom, take me back home

15. Red Sauce Pasta Dosa, would taste as bizarre as it sounds. 

16. Time to leave the planet.. 

17. Deadliest food disaster I’ve come across. 

18. Take Oreo away from my halwaai please. 

19. Choco lava idli? A devil in disguise. 

On a scale of 1-10, how irked are you?