Eggs are one of the most easily accessible foods, but cooking them can sometimes be tricky. You may be a Master Chef but it takes a while to learn how to boil the perfect egg or flip the omelette without breaking it into bits.  

Here are some tips and tricks that will ensure you cook the perfect fried, boiled or scrambled eggs-  

1. For the perfect omelette  

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For perfect scrambled eggs and a fluffy omelette make sure the eggs are at room temperature. Take the eggs out from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before cooking.     

2. For scrambled Eggs  

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Use a strainer for scrambled eggs. A strainer ensures that the scrambled eggs are fluffy and you don’t make a mess.

3. Butter for better scrambled eggs

Adding butter to the pan while making scrambled eggs can prevent them from sticking and can enhance the taste.

4. For peeling boiled eggs easily


Peeling boiled eggs can be a task. After boiling, transfer the boiled eggs to cold water. Shake it well and Voila!

5. For easy egg white separation

A water bottle can separate the egg yolks like a pro! 

6. Removing eggshells from the bowl  


We try doing this by a finger or a spoon, but the best way to do it is to use the bigger eggshell as a vessel to pick up what has fallen into the bowl. 

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A little water can also do the trick

7. Onion rings, peppers


Onion rings and peppers can cook a perfect round fried egg. 

8. Make the ‘golden’ egg

Its a scrambled egg inside the shell! All you need is an old tee, rubber band and strong hands.