After the see-through raindrop cake that took Japan and Brooklyn by storm, it is the glass potato chips that’s now breaking the internet. If you’re bored of those opaque old lady Pringles or good-old No-one-can-eat-just-one Lays chips or want to try something new and interesting, glass potato chips are your crisps. 


Originally created by Iranian chef, Hamid Saliman, these see-through snacks are made of potato stock and slow dried gel. And good news, they taste everything like potato chips.


Even if they look like a work of art, they’re not a pain to make at all!


The first few steps are as easy as falling off a log. Okay, a little more difficult than that. And then you need to dehydrate the gel, which might test your patience, and deep fry it in oil, just like regular chips.


Let us tell ho how exactly. Grab some potatoes and make a slit, just about 1 cm thick slits will do.

Source: Instructables


Add some olive oil and salt to it and mix it well.

Source: Instructables


Place your potatoes on a baking sheet and put into a pre-heated oven for 25 minutes. Trust them to get baked in 25 minutes.

Source: Instructables


Pour hot boiling water on the baked potatoes and forget about them for two hours. Just throw away those potatoes after two hours. Basically, it is the liquid that we should be worrying about.

Source: Dailymail


For the potato gel, pour the chilled stock and the potato starch into a pan. Whisk the mixture till it turns into a gel.

Source: Dailymail


Preheat the oven and pour the gel into the baking tray in oval chips-like or round chips-like shapes. You can try some fun creative gymnastics there. It needs to be kept it in the oven for 8-10 hours.

Source: Dailymail  


After the gel is completely dry, deep fry it in oil. You can even add some herbs to it.

Source: dailymail


The results are stunning – what it gives you is a bowl full of translucent, crisp, cannot-guess-the-flavour, glass potato chips.


Well, the world is obsessing over chips that look like broken window panes and gives you the feel of eating little bits of glass, and are not a ‘pane’ to make at all.

You can find the recipe here.