Take a quick poll of people around you. Do you like South Indian food? I’m guessing the vote is almost always  unanimously positive. Right? But how much of the exquisite culinary genius from God’s own country, Kerala, can you say you’ve tried?

Let us show you all the other treasures of deliciousness that the land of appams and avial has on offer that you simply must try asap.

1. Unniappam

This rice and jaggery preparation is a deep fried, just-the-right-amount-of-sweet treat that’s sometimes given out as prasadam, but actually just makes for a pretty delightful Kerala treat.

Agila’s Kitchen

2. Idiyappam/Noolappam

It’s like an idli with a twist. With several twists, actually. The Idiyappam is a steamed noodle cake made from rice flour and it’s best served with a spicy curry.

Iskon Desire Tree

3. Ela Ada

This lightly roasted rice dough dish has a succulent filling of coconut and cardamom-flavoured jaggery and makes for a great breakfast or an evening snack.


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4. Kozhukatta

Similar in composition to ela ada, but structured to perfection as a yummy after-meal delicacy, these are little dumplings of sweet rice dough, coconut and jaggery goodness.

Ruchi Koottu

5. Pazham Pori

Pazham Pori simply HAS to be on this list. It is after all a crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside, batter fried banana snack. Who could say no to that?

Jyothi Chhabria

6. Toran

A simple and delicious main course speciality, Toran involves finely-chopped vegetables, like beans or cabbage, cooked in shredded coconut and flavoured heavily with the ever-delicious curry leaves.


7. Theeyal

A spicy curry full of fresh vegetables and bursting with the flavour of fenugreek, roasted coconut, tamarind and curry leaves, Theeyal is the perfect accompaniment for your rice or appam.

Yummy Yo Yummy

8. Erachi Puttu

This chicken preparation will leave you wanting more. The classic breakfast puttu – steamed cylinders of ground rice and coconut – with an extra layer of juicy, pepper-powered chicken, the Erachi Puttu is a certain hit.

Migrant Mallu

9. Kozhi Pidi

This traditional Christian dish of cherry-sized rice dumplings served in a thick sauce and alongside a spicy chicken curry, is yet another Mallu treasure you need to try.

Kurry Leaves

10. Pathiri

A Malabar style rice flour flat bread, Pathiri is often forgotten for appams and parottas. But try this with your favourite Kerala meat or fish curry and you shall not regret it.

Shanthi’s Thali Gai

11. Kadala Curry

It might look like chhole to the North Indian eye, but inside, Kadala’s got a burst of Kerala’s truest flavours. Packed with cinnamon, coconut, mustard and curry leaves, Kadala may just ruin chhole for you.

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12. Sukhiyan

A popular tea time snack in Kerala, Sukhiyan is a deep fried revelation. Made from green gram, coconut and jaggery, it may make for your new favourite chai-partner.


13. Pappada Vada

This crispy goodness is basically any-time comfort food. A common evening snack in Kerala, these papads deep fried in rice batter are not just tasty AF, but also super easy to make!

Selected Recipe

14. Boli

This lentil flatbread, served most commonly with payasam, is a pretty popular Onam goody. Heavy on the flavours of cardamom and nutmeg, and loaded with ghee, it’ll bring Kerala’s most festive to your taste buds.

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I hope you’ve taken note, foodies. Happy dining!