If you have a sweet tooth, then this is definitely for you. While doughnuts, brownie, and cake get all the attention from dessert lovers in cities, they often relish authentic desi cuisines like laddoo, halwa, mithayi, and what not. For most of them, no firangi sweet dish can replace such cravings, right?


Speaking of which, a Twitter thread caught our attention today which has eight underrated sweet dishes from Bihar. This list will surely touch the right chord of your desi heart.

The thread posted by a Twitter user, @FirdausLaibah, features sweet dishes like Anarsa, Balushahi, Parval Mithayi, Tilkut, and more. So, let’s delve into it. Shall we?

1. Anarsa

“Made with rice flour, khoya, poppy seeds, and ghee.”

2. Khaja

“Deep-fried layered sugar syrup soaked pastry.”

3. Balushahi

“Similar to a glazed doughnut in terms of ingredients, but differs in texture and taste.”

4. Tilkut

“Made of sesame seeds and mostly available in the winter.”

5. Parwal Mithayi

“A vegetable turn into delicious sweet filled with khoya and dry fruits.”

6. Shakkar Paare

“Sugar coated fry maida square shape dough.”

7. Lakhto/Jhilli Mithayi

8. Laayi Mithayi

“Made from Ramdana seeds, khoya and sugar.”

Netizens are craving for these sweet dishes:

Gaya ke tilkut aur anarsa, Dhanarua ka laai mithai (Patna Jehanabad road), Silao ka khaaja behtareen hota hai…shakkarpaara homemade…baalushahi I think is originally Bengali. 


Some Twitter users added more sweet dishes from Bihar to the list:

So, which one have you heard about or tasted before? Munh mein paani aaya kya?