One of the best feelings about returning to Kolkata, is basking in its all it’s food glory,

Here are 5 not-super-well-known eaties that you MUST check out:

1. Tirreti Bazar

Also called Kolkata’s little Chinatown, Tirreti Bazar is home to the most lip-smacking pork sausages, fish momos and Chinese breakfast items. 

2. Adam’s Kabab Shop

I think I’m divulging my best-kept secret here, but Adam’s Kabab Shop is a 105 year old eatery that takes the phrase “melt in your mouth” to a whole another level. Their beef khiri is their most prized item and so exclusive that it’s not even listen on the menu. You better go quick because it runs out within a matter of minutes. Other delicacies include their cheapest and most delicious sutli and boti kebab that’s proof that good food doesn’t need to be expensive.

3. Broadway Hotel

One of Kolkata’s oldest hotels established in 1937 is not just a heritage landmark but also an excellent spot to grab drinks with your friends over intellectual talks and nostalgic Old-Kol vibes.

4. Zakharia Street

One of the best places to visit during Ramzan season, Zakharia Street is one of the oldest localities in the city infamous for its authentic Muslim cuisine. 

5. The Blue Poppy

Located inside Sikkim house and serving a vibrant Thakali atmosphere alongside simple, homestyle Tibetian cuisine, The Blue Poppy serves one of the best momos in the city. 

Convinced? Now come back!