On a breezy, cold day, what can please you better than a glass of chai and a plate full of piping hot sumptuous pakodas?

Even if we have tried and drooled over India’s famous pakodas, be it Hyderabad’s famous mirchi bajji or Delhi’s Ram laddus and Rajasthan’s Mirchi Ke Pakode, there are some that are waiting to be explored, popularised and devoured! 

1. Chocolate Pakoda

What can be better than pakodas and chocolates? Chocolate pakodas, du-uh!

Now all of us have heard of fritters made with vegetables in batters of besan but who would have thought chocolate pakodas were a thing! Mix these ingredients and just deep fry it! *Excuse me while I make myself some and return from a trip to heaven*

2. Bhabra Pakoda

It is made by mixing green chickpeas in a thick besan batter.

Grab some green chickpeas and mix them in a thick besan batter. Graduate to fry them devour, mere mortals! You got to taste them! How is it different from vadas, you ask? Well, chickpeas work their magic on them. 

3. Patta Pakoda 

These pakodas are made using spinach, kankaua (commelina benghalensis), sweet potato leaves, tender pumpkin leaves, or tender chickpea shoots.

This is easily my favourite. A whole leaf is coated in a thin besan batter and fried till it’s crispy and sharp in flavours. You can use spinach, kankaua (Commelina benghalensis), sweet potato leaves, tender pumpkin leaves, or tender chickpea shoots. Chomp on these light, crunchy goo(oooh)dness. 

4. Bhen ke Pakode 

It is made by deep-frying lotus roots. The name is legendary, we know.

Chop some lotus roots up, and mix them in a batter of besan. You can add any seasoning you want to, because why not? Add some spices, fry them, serve it with chutney(s) to cheer yourself up. What can be a better pakoda than a pakoda that lets you cuss!

5. Flower Pakodas

It is made of pumpkin/agasti/jute/drumstick/kachnar flowers.

Go for pumpkin flowers, agasti flowers, jute flowers, drumstick flowers or kachnar (Bauhinia) flowers, whip up a batter of besan and cook yourself a plate of delicacies that feel, smell and taste like love!

6. Rikwachh Pakoda 

It is made of Colocassia leaf and a spicy besan paste.

Take a large leaf of Colocasia, smother some spiced besan paste on it, roll it up, cut it into pieces and fry them up deep in oil. Gorge on these soft-on-the-inside, crisp-on-the-outside delights. *oh the feels*

7. Bada

A flat urad dal fritter, with peppercorns, ginger and asafoetida.

This is basically a flat urad dal fritter drizzled with grounded/whole peppercorns, pounded fresh ginger and a dash of asafoetida (heeng).

8. Kalmi Bade

These fritters are made of chana and urad dal, poached in boiled water and fried.

Soak chana and urad dal, turn it into a thick paste, add spices and shape them into a large ball. Either poach the large balls in boiling water or fry it. Cut the large ball in cubes and deep-fry it again. Cripsy, crunchy, and all kinds of yum, these badas are often served with a watery tamarind chutney for them to soak up and add a tamarindy zest to it.

9. Fulouri

These light pakodas are made with besan, or soaked chana dal paste and whipped vigorously to aerate it. 

Something that started off traditionally, the batter of fulouri pakoda, made with besan, or soaked chana dal paste, is whipped vigorously to aerate it, as a result of which, these fritters are lightweight, crispy AND soft. You don’t need an excuse for cheating anymore.

10. Mungodi

These healthy pakodas are made of mung dal, and with a generous amount of cumin, ginger and asafoetida.

Made of soaked and ground mung dal, and with a generous amount of cumin, ginger and asafoetida (heeng) going into it, these pakodas are light, digestible, and healthy. In case you wanted a healthy pakoda option, here’s your yummy pick. 

Get. Set. *droooool* Salivate.