Imagine wooden chopsticks or grab one if you have it near you. When you hold a pair of wooden chopsticks, you probably thought of snapping that (uncomfortable) bit off at the end of the chopsticks and trashing it, right? 

Like everything in life has a purpose, this little piece in the pair of wooden chopsticks is not purposeless too. Who would have thought! Prepare to have your mind blown.

Chopsticks are fun to use. But at times, when you don’t have a holder, you either have to train yourself to stick it in the bowl or rest it across the bowl without it rolling and falling off. 

For others, it is simply annoying. There’s no way you can rest your tired fingers without dirtying the table. 

Twitter user TwiteraarTrash Panda shared a picture, which reveals the true purpose of that bit in your wooden chopsticks and Twitter is already losing its game over this mind-blowing discovery. Not kidding, in just four hours, it has been shared more than 800 times. 

That’s right. 

All this while, when we thought trash was the only place for the nub to be, we were SO wrong!

That bit on the end isn’t meant to become fodder for our trash bins. It’s meant to be a stand for our chopsticks!

Here are some tweets recording the reactions of people when they found out the true purpose of the nubby part in the chopsticks: 

Yes. Exactly.

That’s a whole new level of feeling ashamed.

So the next time you use a pair of wooden chopsticks, you know you don’t have to worry about the chopsticks holder anymore.