Disclaimer: If you are a Maggi fan, this article may infuriate you so please control your emotions before reading ahead. 

Maggi is a well-loved snack that literally needs no introduction. People also have their own favourite versions of maggi that they love eating like cheese maggi, vegetable maggi, masala maggi and more however, there are some who are taking experimentation to the next level.

On Thursday, a Twitter user named Sahil decided to share a recipe for sweet Maggi, cooked in milk and some people really didn’t enjoy what they saw. 

In the video, a woman can be seen preparing a sweet version of Maggi by adding milk, rose petals and condensed milk to it and this is exactly why netizens are squirming with discomfort. 

The video collected more than 2.5 lakh views and countless number of comments, however, the ‘unusual’ recipe didn’t really strike a chord with many twitter users for very obvious reasons. And some reactions are savage AF! Take a look. 

Watch the complete video here, if you still have some courage left in you. 

I think, I might just skip eating lunch and dinner after what I just saw. Also, sorry for ruining your day but we just had to show this to you.