Today, I was trying very hard to think positive and keep my faith intact but, I just saw something very disturbing on Twitter that I wish I could unsee but, unfortunately the damage has already been done. 

I lost my appetite after seeing this video shared by Twitter user named Evillanelles, where someone decided to make cakes in the form of different food items. 

Just take a look at the video first and you’ll know why I am so infuriated.

There’s a brinjal cake. There’s a cabbage cake, there’s a cake in the shape of a freaking hamburger, an apple, a lemon, an onion, a pizza, a taco and even a capsicum for god’s sake. WHAT ON EARTH DID I JUST SEE?

I mean, I thoroughly love and enjoy eating cakes but, I definitely don’t want to eat a cake that resembles a taco, an onion, a lemon or a god damn hamburger. Hell, no!

Well, at least Twitter agrees with me on this.

Hats off to the creativity and the idea but, please stop going overboard with experimenting. This video is plain and simple disgusting. 

Just when I thought 2020 isn’t all that bad, I saw this. Now, I’m convinced there’s nothing good that’s going happen this year. 

This video is definitely going to give me nightmares for days to come.