Most of us love making wraps at home but, the process of making it can be quite messy. 

And, even if you end up making the perfect wrap, often the filling in the wrap starts falling onto your plate after you take the first bite and it’s annoying, right?

Well, someone has found the perfect solution to this problem. Yup, the latest food hack on social media is going to change the way you make a tortilla wrap or any other wrap for that matter. 

The hack was first shared on TikTok and soon it was all over the internet. 

This viral food hack shows users how to easily make the perfect wrap without making your kitchen look like a crime scene. 

After mastering this hack, you can easily make a restaurant-worthy wrap at home and, it’s life-changing, trust me!

All you have to do is, cut the base into four equal halves and start filling each quarter with different food items of your choice. Then, fold the quarters over one another to make a neatly folded triangle wrap and then grill it. Not that difficult, right?

This hack is a hit on social media and it truly deserves all the hype. People have gotten creative with the hack and they are making their own version. 

Spinach + avocado + plant based meat + mushrooms

Chicken breasts + spinach + salad 

Turkey + cheddar + avocado + chipotle ranch 

Minced meat + jackfruit + cheese

Vegan garlic + herb cream cheese + red pesto + baby spinach + raw white onion + edamame beans

Ham + sun dried tomato paste + chopped red pepper + cheese

Halloumi cheese + chopped roasted red pepper + sun dried paste + spinach + rocket leaves

Potatoes + roast vegetables + cheese

Roast chicken + sliced stuffing ball + spinach + cheese 

Tomato + herb wrap with a filling of avocado + prosciutto + smoked cheese + rocket leaves

Banana + strawberry + nutella + chocolate spread

Fried chicken + mayo + bell pepper + capsicum + sauce 

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius.