Remember that golden time when your mother chased you just to make sure you had your meal? Despite all your mischief, she would dote on you and tuck you in with belly full of your favorite food? While you were fortunate enough to ignore that last bite of the meal your mother was coaxing you to eat, there were millions on the street who would’ve died for that same bite you so casually threw away. As of today, there are about 3000 children in India who die of malnutrition every single day and it’s high time we address this humongous issue.

In an attempt to further this cause,Quaker has committed to provide thousands of meals to underprivileged children via the#QuakerFeedAChild initiative in association with Smile Foundation. They have partnered with Global Citizen India to spread the message and inspire people to join the movement. Every person attending the Coldplay concert will get a bar-code enabled band, which when scanned will enable people to take a pledge. It will also play a video featuring Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna, who strongly advocates for the cause of malnutrition amongst children and will also talk about the enormity of the issue at the event. On the day of the event, for every person who takes that small step towards supporting the cause – by taking a pledge or selfie at the festival using #QuakerFeedAChild, Quaker India will commit to feed a child. So let us make a small beginning and stand up to make a difference. Lets be the food heroes who ensure that no child sleeps hungry at night!

 Whether you are attending the GCI festival or not, you too can make a difference by signing the pledge here.