Food is something that has been associated with comfort since time immemorial. For generations, people have tried to find cleverer and easier ways to eat food, in luxury and with perfect elan. But, at times, we still find ourselves in places where our favourite food on the menu mercilessly turns out to be the messiest food to eat. Now who would really want to dirty their hands and smother their cheeks with sauces in a restaurant!

What if we told you there is an easy way to tackle messy food? Turns out there are smarter ways to deal with all the embarrassment some food can bring with it. And seriously, it saves a lot of energy, thinking and of course, tissue papers. Here you go:

1. Chicken wings

Forget about knives, forks and spoons when it comes to chicken wings – they don’t work. It somehow, always successfully ends up on your hands, on your face, under your fingernails, in your hair and after a point of time, you are beaten in the game. 

Hack: Take the bones out first, and then go for the kill. Human 1, Wings of chicken 0.

2. Pizzas

It sure is challenging to eat pizzas with the toppings in place. No matter how careful you are, some tiny chunk is sure to fall off it.

Hack: Divide it into pieces and roll it! 

3. Cupcakes

These super pretty things with a castle of rich cream frosting on top of them, are a delight for the taste buds, but a nightmare for the cheeks and the mouth.

Hack: For efficiently devouring all the creamy goodness without letting it kiss your cheeks, cut it into halves horizontally, invert the top and sandwich the frosting.

4. Burgers

Within seconds of biting into it, it generally self-destructs and all the juicy, delectable fillings come spilling out, almost as if a volcano went live. 

Hack: Turns out there’s a way to hold a burger. Whoever figured it out, we can’t thank you enough. Flip the burger upside down, and follow this.

5. Watermelons

Come summers and what could soothe you better than a watermelon can! However, cutting it in the regular vertical way makes your face and hands sticky without fail. 

Hack: Cut it into two halves and lay the flat end down. Then make crisscross slices. It is now easier to eat and easier to store.

6. Shrimps

This is one thing that people always surrender to. To take off its shell without doing some kind of hand gymnastics is quite an accomplishment in itself.

Hack: Push the meat out with your fork.

7. Oreos

Oreos, as we know, get a lot tastier when dunked in a steaming cup of milk. It is a miracle to dunk Oreos in milk without witnessing any contact between your fingers and the milk. 

Hack: Ever thought of holding your oreo with a fork instead, genius child?

7. Kiwi Fruit

If you are someone like me, you probably don’t eat kiwis, even if you love it, because you are lazy to deal with the mess it creates. There’s a solution.

Hack: Well, spoon to the rescue!

8. Corn on the cob

Let’s get real here. You are going to brush your cheeks with butter and spices the moment you start biting into it. It is quite a task to eat corn on the cobs without rushing for tissues later. 

Hack: Use a knife maybe?

9. Mangoes

Mango, the fruit that never disappoints the palate, needs quite an effort when it comes to peeling it. 

Hack: Cut a mango in half and use the side of a glass to slide the mango down, separating the peel from the fruit. 

10. Tacos

Just after two bites, tacos are sure to disintegrate. After that, it is just the shell and the taco fillings being eaten separately. It no longer qualifies as a taco anymore. 

Hack: Fold lettuce or a flour tortilla over a hard taco shell to prevent taco fixings from falling out. That simple!

11. Pasta

When it comes to penne or shells, pasta is good to eat. But for long noodly delights like spaghetti and pappardelle, it is challenging to put a spoonful in your mouth without dropping some on your plate.

Hack: Place your fork in the middle of the pasta and twirl it. 

12. Lobster

Without a mess, this food is, hands down, the most difficult food to eat. Maybe it is wise to forget the world and eat it keeping in mind YOLO.

Hack: If you are hell bent on not making a mess of it, we have help to offer. Invest a little time in learning it and you are sure to never disappoint yourself with lobstery mess. 

You can watch the full video here:

Enjoy your food without worrying about any mess. Bon Appetit!