2022 is almost over and what a wild year it has been. Among the long list of bizarre things that happened this year, today we are going to focus on the food. Because for some reason people thought it was alright to bring two individually good things together and create some weird food combos which were simply horrendous. There’s some relationship advice right there, but I won’t get into that.

Coming back to the food, 2022 gave us a lot of master chefs attempting to create something that will create a buzz on the internet. And buzz it did. But a lot of them were not for the right reasons, like the ones we are going to talk about in this article.

These weird food combos are blasphemy, to say the least. Some things don’t belong together – like you and your toxic ex, and these weird food combos, of course. And thankfully, the good people of the internet rightfully refused to accept them.

1. Cold Coffee Maggi

2. Dairy Milk Pakode

3. Coke & Oreo Omelette

4. Fanta Omelette

5. Vimal Maggi

6. Maggi Pani Puri

7. Garlic Ice Cream

8. Parle G Halwa

9. Gajar Ka Halwa Momos

weird food combos

Hopefully, we will leave these weird food combos in the past as we move forward.