While there may not be any one particular way to enjoying alcohol, there is definitely a wrong way to drinking your whiskey. And, guess what, we’re all making the same mistakes. 

Whiskey connoisseur – and champion of the cause – Ashish Kapur, Founder, Antares Goa, The Wine Company and Whisky Samba, helps break it down for us all.  

1. Ice is ruining your drink.

Think of it this way: Your whiskey is comfortably swirling in your glass and suddenly you put ice in it, shocking the whisky and causing its flavour to shrivel up. You can no longer taste what the whisky has to offer. 

Opt for a chilled whiskey, instead; no ice included. 

2. A drop of water changes everything. Just a drop.

The best way to appreciate whiskey is to add a few drops of water to bring the alcohol level down to 30-35%. Scientifically, bringing down the alcohol content just slightly enhances the flavours of your whiskey. 

3. ‘Nosing’ your whisky before sipping makes it better to taste.

Smell is actually an indicator than taste of the flavours present in your whiskey. It even changes the way you taste it. 

Swirl the drink before bringing it to your nostrils to slowly smell the components in the whiskey. 

4. The older the better.

The more aged your whiskey, the better and more intense the flavour. 

Next time experiment with an older whiskey.

5. Drink whiskies only at their recommended temperature. 

While certain blends taste better cold, others taste best at room temperature or even when slightly warmer. 

Ask your bartender to serve your drink at the temperature that works best for the label.

6. Certain occasions call for certain types of whiskeys, seriously. 

Some whiskeys taste best with chocolate, others with mushrooms, cheese or meats. 

Attend select whiskey tastings where chefs and experts actually help you test out different flavours and palates.