User u/JH1O took to Reddit to express his first tryst with biriyani. It’s safe to say, he was bamboozled by the culinary delight. I’ve had biryani over 500 times at least in my entire years of existence, and I’m still pleasantly astounded by its mouth-watering aroma that lures you from a mile away and succulent meat that takes you straight to heaven. Oh, what I would do to taste it for the first time all over again.

Read his post here:

“I’m not Indian, and never had Indian food. For the first time in my life, I finally decided to go to an Indian restaurant because my mates in college always say I should try Indian cuisine for a change. Inside the restaurant, I was the only white dude! I thought I would feel unwelcomed but that was not the case, Indian people are so nice! The owner was welcoming, the server was attentive and patient, and everyone else didn’t really give a fuck I was white, everyone was just minding their own business and having a good time. Anyways, the server asked what I wanted, but I told him I was clueless about what to order. So, I told him what I usually say when I don’t know what to order: “I’ll get your favourite 😂”. He said, “alright, no problem, but are you sure?” I replied, “yeah, I’ll just get whatever you usually have.” 15 minutes later I am served this yellow looking food. It’s got rice (btw never seen rice that long), boneless chicken, and it was so, so, so aromatic. I have not even started eating yet and I already know I’m going to damn devour this in no time. 1st spoon in my mouth was like: 💥. “Holy fuck, what the fuck am I eating.” I have NEVER, NEVER had food so DAMN GOOD I totally forgot I even had a glass of water beside me. The rice was so soft and buttery, the aroma travels through your nose while you chew a mouthful, and the chicken was so soft 🥺. I was speechless… last night I had two orders of CHICKEN BIRYANI and the owner laughed at me probably thinking I was crazy 😂. Thank you, India 🙏. What Indian food do you guys recommend I should try next?”

Of course, others were quick to shower him with suggestions:

A lot of foreigners are intimidated by the richness and diversity of Indian cuisine. If you needed a sign to try it, this is it! And for the rest of us, let’s order some biriyani for dinner to celebrate the nostalgia.