“Do you want fries with that?” 

The answer to these six words is often yes, because french fries are undoubtedly everybody’s favourite item in the menu. Salty and crispy fried sliced potatoes! If you’re a fries lover, here’s a little trick that you can try the next time you’re ordering them at a restaurant.

Go for ‘no salt french fries’. Oh yes, you can order that. 



Usually, you get the fries that are made at the start of the day. These are soggy and not crispy and of course not enjoyable for most of us. If you order fries without salt, they will make a fresh new batch of fries.

It will take some time to make a fresh batch of french fries without salt but well, the good part is that by doing this you will get fresh and crispy fries especially made for you. Goodbye, soggy and sad french fries!


Once you’ve got the freshly made french fries, ask them to provide the salt and sprinkle it yourself.

You can also go the healthy way by putting no salt at all. Because low salt diet has benefits of its own. Low sodium diets help lowering blood pressure and also reduce hypertension. It also reduces the risk of kidney diseases, and other intestinal disorders. And it helps in reducing weight too. Not to forget, high sodium diets contribute to face fat and facial bloating. 

Sounds convincing?