In recent times, condom companies have surprised us with all sorts of weird innovations. From the safe chocolate to the experimental brinjal (yes, we’re talking about baingan), consumers of condoms have been served with all sorts of flavours.

In that case, we’d all welcome wine condoms with open arms.

The Green Head

An invention that allows us to mix our sexy time with alcohol in the safest way possible is just about everyone’s dream come true. Isn’t it?

But before you go around looking for it, we’d like to tell you that a wine condom doesn’t do what you think it does.

However, wine condom does something even better. It has been invented to protect your wine. (And there is nothing nobler than that)

The Green Head

With the wine condom, you can make sure an opened bottle of wine doesn’t go bad overnight.

Made out of rubber, wine condoms come in a pack of 6 and make sure you never have to pull your hair out worrying about re-corking. 

Wine condoms will love your wine just as much as you do and protect it against spills and going bad.

Source: The Lad Bible

We know you’ve heard it before but once again, always use protection.