Vada Pav – a staple street food delight in Maharashtra, one that everyone relishes. When the spice hits you for the first time, it makes your eyes water. But slowly, the flavour intensifies and gets better – slightly tangy, very spicy, and all-in-all exceptionally tasty. 

And to celebrate this simple dish, Nukkadwala, a chain of restaurants selling varieties of Indian street food, made the longest vada pav on the occasion of World Vada Pav Day on 23 August. 

The event took place in Vatika Business Park, Gurgaon, where this extremely huge vada pav was unveiled.

It took them 3 days to prepare all the raw materials required for assembling this 145 feet-long delight. And another 3 hours on the final day to actually put it all together. 2500 people got to enjoy this edible wonder at the event, and that too in generous servings. 

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Salivating, already?


Feature Image Source: Dainik Bhaskar