When you find yourself in times of trouble – beer is the temporary solution.

The world loves its beer. It’s more than just a drink. It’s a pint-sized reminder of the little joys of life. Until, like so many things, we literally piss it away.


Before you enjoy your beverage, you need to pour it in a glass or in a beer mug. 

This is the most common way beer is poured in most places. Tilted glass with a patient downpour:

Culminating in something like this. 


A beer without foam, which somehow people think is better to drink. The foam, created by CO2, eventually does turn to beer. But perhaps it plays on us psychologically, that it just looks like less beer so we avoid it. 

However, the foam is not only the right way, it is also the healthier way (ironic while talking about alcohol, I know). 


The CO2, if not released, eventually ends up in your stomach. No one drinks beer without snacks or chakhna. As soon as some food enters your stomach it reacts with the beer inside and then mixes with the unreleased CO2. 

So basically, the foam releases inside your stomach. It’s also why you feel bloated.


But if you pour beer not so patiently and with a little vigour along the sides and then straighten the glass out once it is half full, it will release the CO2. 

That way, it will always have foam, which protects the integrity of the beer, releases the aroma and protects your stomach from the carbonation as well.

That there is the best way to pour it. The same technique applies to tap beer as well. Follow it, honour it and enjoy your beer forever more. Cheers! 

Here’s a beer “expert” explaining the same concept:

Oh, while you ponder over the implications of how you’ve been drinking beer out of a glass, how fast do you think you can chug a pint? Some of us gave it a shot: