The 2022 FIFA World Cup gave us some historic moments in the quarter-final clash, i.e. Morocco beating Portugal 1-0, France defeating England 2-1, and Argentina’s penalty shootout victory over the Netherlands. All these three countries reached the semi-finals. Well, the football tournament isn’t just about winning or losing the game, but, in fact, is a platform to witness several oh-so-adorable instances.

We picked 10 adorable moments captured in the ongoing FIFA World Cup so far. All of them truly won our hearts:

1. When Bukayo Saka requested David Beckham for a picture

English footballer Bukayo Saka recently had a fan moment with former player David Beckham during his visit to England’s training camp in Qatar. This happened when Beckham was talking to current captain Harry Cane. Saka swooped in and requested the star to pose alongside him. “Sorry to interrupt, but can I have a picture with you?” he sheepishly asked. Of course, Beckham obliged.

2. When Sofiane Boufal danced with his mother after the win

After defeating Portugal in the quarter-finals, Moroccan football player Sofiane Boufal celebrated his team’s big win with his mother. A video of Boufal holding his mom’s hands and dancing with her on the field went viral. Super awwwdorable!

3. When cats gatecrashed FIFA everywhere

This year, cats are stealing the limelight at the FIFA World Cup. Many cats paid impromptu visits to Qatar, where they were spotted almost everywhere, including stadiums and training sessions. Adorable AF.

4. When Yassine Bounou played football with his son on the field

Morocco’s goalkeeper Yassine Bounou met his son in the stadium after his team reached the semi-finals. Bounou made the little munchkin wear his gloves and played football with him on the field. A video of the father and son’s adorable moment went viral on social media.

5. When Messi gifted his jersey to Cameron Devlin

Argentina legend Lionel Messi gifted his football jersey to Socceroos squad member, midfielder Cameron Devlin after reaching the semi-finals. Messi took off his match-worn jersey, shook hands with Devlin, and also received the latter’s jersey as a return gift. What a class!

6. When locals offered homemade food and refreshments to fans

Arab locals offered homemade food, drinks, and snacks to footballs fans as they were leaving after Morocco vs Canada match. A video of locals serving refreshments to fans went viral and it definitely deserves your attention. Sweet!

7. When Jawad kissed Pepe on his head

Morocco’s Jawad El Yamiq also gave us an adorable moment in a match against Portugal after he kissed veteran defender Pepe on the field. It happened when Pepe missed a free header during the last few seconds of the game and Jawad ended up planting a kiss on his head.

8. When Kylian Mbappé and Olivier Giroud recreated The Notebook moment

France forwards Kylian Mbappé and Olivier Giroud took their bromance to the next level after their team’s victory against Poland. Mbappé jumped into Giroud’s arms to celebrate the win and the moment went insanely viral. Netizens compared their bromance to a romantic still from The Notebook movie.

9. When Richarlison hugged and consoled Son Heung-min

Brazil forward Richarlison Andrade won our hearts as he consoled South Korean opponent Son Heung-min after former’s team won the match. Richarlison gave a warm hug to his Spurs teammate during the last moments of the latter’s FIFA World Cup journey this year. He also called Son a ‘hero’ in his tweet.

10. When Jack Grealish kept his promise for a differently-abled fan

England’s Jack Grealish had promised Finlay Fisher, an 11-year-old fan diagnosed with cerebral palsy that he would perform latter’s dance step if he scores a goal. Grealish fulfilled Fisher’s wish during his first World Cup goal against Iran in Qatar. A video of this adorable moment is here.

Which moment was your favourite out of all?