Sponsored by The LEGO Group & Sunday Bricks

Children’s Day was undeniably fun and wholesome when we were little. Kids in fancy dresses, free pastries from school, no homework, and just a fun day with our buddies. It was the one day when literally everything was about us. The traditions shall remain unchanged, kids now deserve to be pampered just the same. 

So here are 5 things you can do for the kids around you to make them feel special this Children’s Day:

1. Dress up as their favourite characters and binge-watch their favourite shows 

Get the kids to dress up as their favourite fictional characters and join in! See their eyes light up as you take interest in their little world. Spend the day binge-watching their favourite shows with your work aside. While you’re at it, get snacks that they can’t get enough of. They will definitely remember the gala time that they had for the rest of their lives.

2. Enroll the kids in My LEGO City – Master Class and make the entire weekend about them

If you’re looking for something fun along with some learning for your little one, consider checking out ‘My LEGO City – Master Class‘. The LEGO Group has joined hands with Sunday Bricks and it’s the coolest collaboration ever! It’s a 3-day online workshop that will be held on ZOOM. From building smart homes to cities on Mars, the workshop covers it all. The kids will also get the opportunity to showcase their creations at My LEGO City Display! All they’ll need is a LEGO Classic Set 10696/10698/10715 and a base plate (32×32). Let the builders explore through their imagination and creativity. You can register for the workshop here.

3. An entire day of treasure-hunt disappointed no kid ever

Kids love mysteries! There’s nothing more exciting than hidden treasures and worn-out maps. Let them unleash their inner Captain Jack Sparrow as they hunt through the nooks of the house for treasures. You can hide gifts and create an easy guide for them to find. You can get creative and try to make an old map like this.

4. Arrange a little picnic for them and their friends

Picnics will never go out of fashion. A good sunny morning spent playing with kids, followed by a delicious breakfast and dessert sounds just about right. Invite their friends over and plan fun and safe outdoor games for them. And most importantly, indulge! 

5. Take them closer to nature by planning a hike or a trek 

You can use the weekend to get the kids closer to nature. Plan a hike or a trek nearby and get away from the hubbub of the city. If you’re going for a trek, help the kids set up their own tents. Watch out for all safety measures and use the opportunity to teach the kids about the same. We all know how much they’re going to love that! Set up bonfires and have a nice little story-night for them.

Regardless of what you do, the only thing that matters is that they feel special. Even if that means eating their regular ice creams, at their regular parks. All they need to know that we are there and they’re precious to us.

MY LEGO CITY – Master Class is a great option if you don’t want to limit your celebration to just one day. The children will have the freedom to explore options around the themes – Future City or Smart City or City on Mars. Participants will also enjoy an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 500! Expect three days filled with productivity, creativity and profound joy. Check out for more details here!