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2021 has come to an end and 2022 is less than a week away! Let that sink in. The craziness that the last two years have had is unparalleled. This year we started going out, met our families and friends, and tasted a bit of normality again. Yet amidst all of this, the grind never stopped. That being said, most of us have also reached our end-year burnout. But then this is why we have the holidays. It’s time we shake ourselves out of it and rev up for the season.

So here are 6 fun things you can do to end 2021 productively:

1. Redecorate your bedroom

Bring in a change that you’ve wanted for a long time. Change the curtains and throw on a new rug maybe. This will get your creative brain cells in action. The entire process is gonna be as satisfying as the result. Moreover, a new year deserves a new room, so take this as a sign.

2. Organise a picnic

Do it the old-school way. It’s just the perfect season for a nice brunch in the sun. Plan and organise a picnic with your friends or families. Take a day out to take off the pressure and simply chill. Play silly games and eat good food while you take a nice little break from your monotonous routine.

3. Unwind with LEGO® bricks

Building LEGO bricks is not just fun but a very constructive activity in itself. They help the creative juices flow as you build figures from scratch and see them taking shape. The bricks help you unbox, unplug and unwind while also have lots of fun! Make a day out of it or take some time to sit on it every day. Either way, you’re bound to have fun while you’re connecting pieces and brushing your motor skills.

4. Work on a resolution that never started

This might be a cliché but what better time than now? Start your good ol’ resolution before the next year itself. Whether it’s painting every day, quitting junk food, or going to the gym. This is going to give you a refreshed sense of purpose in life. Plus, your past self is going to be super proud of it. And if you don’t have any, you always know the date when to pick one.

5. Declutter and donate

Go through all of your stuff and make a list of things that you haven’t used in the last year and don’t plan on using in the next 6 months. Put them in boxes and donate or sell them away. You’ll be surprised by the amount of space you’ll make. You might wanna add new things there or just use that breathing space for a bit.

6. Cook up that recipe you’ve saved for so long

We all have tonnes of those cooking videos and recipes lying around for months and years now. It’s about time we put it to good use. After all, what’s something that good food can’t fix? 

You can always turn to some of your favourite things for comfort when things get a little overwhelming out there. If you can’t think of something, try signing yourself up for workshops or creative programs. 

So, how does it feel to know some unique ideas to end your year productively? And while you can choose from the lot, we recommend you to have a great time with the colourful bricks! In fact, this Holiday Season, the LEGO Group has introduced some of their global bestsellers to India for the first time to help you unbox, unplug, and unwind! Click here to explore the complete collection of LEGO sets available on Amazon.