In association with nautica

Hey you! 

Don’t you think summer’s passing by too soon?! 

Call it what you want, but summers bring a sense of joy to the plate. With summer, comes the intense urge to spend hours by the beach, playing with the waves. Seriously, summers and beaches go hand in hand. 

But not everyone of us can hop onto the next flight and enjoy summer breezes by the beach, can we?
What do we do?
Well, Nautica has got our backs! 
Nautica is bringing the ocean to us this season with their fun AI surfing campaign! 

That’s right, Nautica has organised an AI gaming event that allows people to experience a joyful surfing session without spending on a beach vacation! We can now try our hands, or legs, actually, on real surfing boards and feel the waves like never before. We get points based on our surfing skills and the person with the highest score wins. (There’s stuff for you winner, read on!) 

We’re all invited! 
They have picked several cities for the events and here’s exactly where and when you can find them:
23rd to 25th June – Nexus Mall, Seawoods Mumbai.
29th June to 3rd July – Phoenix Mall, Pune.
14th to 17th July – DLF avenue, Saket Delhi.
28th to 31st July – Phoenix Palassio Mall, Lucknow.
( What you doin?… Nothing, surfing at the mall)

All one needs to do to be a part of this interesting event is to go to one of the mentioned malls on the specific dates and find Nautica’s kiosks. Once you’re at their kiosk, you can enrol and have a fun surfing gaming experience. Two players will face off against one another at a time and the one with a higher score wins! You will also be able to download videos of your AI surfing experience by simply scanning their QR codes.

But it’s not all thrill and games, really…
If you win the game, you’ll be rewarded with gift vouchers of rupees 500 which can be redeemed at a Nautica store! (And that’s for each winner, everytime!) 

We don’t know about you but surfing AI games, gift vouchers with additional amusement sounds like an overall package of happiness to us.

What do you say?!
Let’s buckle up and rush for a beach day full of surfing and shopping at our nearest malls with Nautica
Oh before we leave, check out their recent surfing expedition here! 

See ya at the mall, sugarpuff!