Partying with friends often involves booze, getting high and playing random games. When a Reddit user asked people to share the hardest “Would you rather…” questions, people obliged. But somehow, their questions were very… disturbing, to say the least. And that makes me wonder what were they high on when they came up with these.

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So, yeah, have a look and maybe share what would you rather do in these situations.

1. Would you rather have legs as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your legs? – HowardBass

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2. Had someone at a rave ask “Would you rather give the first 90% of a blowjob, or the last 10%?” – jewperman

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3. I think this is a pretty popular one, but it’s “would you rather find a person or 1000 cockroaches in your attic?” – Meherman09

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4. Would you rather fuck a goat & no one knows it happened or everyone thinks you fucked a goat but you didn’t actually fuck it? – bjornoswede

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5. Would you rather have a horizontal butt crack or a vertical mouth? – i_hate_buying_light

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6. Would you rather poop a pineapple or pee a grape? – Slothnazi

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7. Would you rather have denim skin, or live in a bag of milk? – HorseGirl666

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8. Would you rather drink a glass of someone else’s spit or someone else’s sweat? – buttsofglory

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9. Would you rather have Teeth for Pubes or Pubes for Teeth? – MrDump511

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But all is not lost, there were some ‘normal’, thought-provoking questions as well that you can actually use in parties –

10. Would you rather never enjoy music again, or never enjoy food again? – rocketsnail1000

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11. Would you rather have the ability to effortlessly run at 100 mph, or fly at 10 mph? – MyGoodFriendJon

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12. Would you rather be constantly sticky all over your entire body, forever. Or constantly itchy all over your entire body, forever. I simply cannot choose. – MaritimeMartian

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13. Fluent in all languages or master of every instrument? – sullymcsulsul

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14. Would you rather be able to have sex and never orgasm, or be able to have orgasms but never have sex? – FoghornTheDowntrodde

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Why don’t you go ahead and answer these questions?