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The moment we heard LEGO® PLAYground is back in Mumbai we were instantly so excited to see what the LEGO® Group had in store this time. And we told you about all the fun activities we were looking forward to! 

Well, now we’re back to tell you how unique the LEGO® PLAYground was. It more than matched our expectations and was a major hit amongst parents. Play Pledge wall, playrooms based on the interest of kids and unveiling of Small Hands Big Dreams campaign film instantly captured everyone’s attention, fuelling their imagination. The atmosphere was filled with lots of play and the sound of LEGO® Bricks clicking together. 

We saw the PLAY Pledge Wall, and it honestly warmed our hearts to see how these parents were just as excited for the PLAYground as their kids.  This is what one of the moms had to say about ‘playful parenting’- 

“I think playful parenting is the only way you can bond with your kids today. With so many gadgets, external pressure, and influence that the kids are under, I think this is how you can find and navigate your way through your child’s mind. Because traditional parenting will now not work with kids of today, who need logic, and explanation for everything…”

Here’s what another added-

“I think all parenting is playful. Parents are always trying their best. SO, it has to be playful and joyful.”

When asked about LEGO® PLAYground, this mom enthusiastically answered:

“It’s so wonderful, my daughter is literally wandering everywhere–I don’t know where she is (*chuckles*). She’s playing and creating such amazing characters and miniatures. I’m absolutely in love with it!”

Parents were evidently thrilled to be here. They talked about ‘unstructured play’ and how it refreshes adults too. Most of the parents agreed on how they don’t play enough now that they’re grown, but they really get to cherish those moments of innocence and joy when they’re playing with their children. This mom also shared how she has passed down her love for the LEGO® Bricks to her kids, and it’s super adorable-

“Okay I think LEGO® PLAYground is my favourite. I feel it is a great way to get introduced to different offerings that the LEGO® Group has. I’ve been a LEGO® fan since my childhood days. And that’s what I’ve passed on to my kids.”

The LEGO® PLAYground truly lived up to the excitement, leaving us with cherished memories and a renewed love for creativity and play. Witnessing the smiles on the faces of children as they proudly showcased their completed creations was an incredibly fulfilling experience! This perfectly goes with the brand’s ‘SMALL HANDS BIG DREAMS’ campaign that champions the idea of the potential of a child’s inquisitive mind. With this, we can conclusively say that the LEGO® Group brings the best playtime for kids every time. 

To keep the kids engaged throughout this summer after Mumbai the LEGO® Group will set up LEGO® PLAYgrounds at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Delhi and PMC Mall, Bangalore from 16th – 23rd June and 23rd June – 2nd July respectively. 

So, don’t forget to discover the coolest place to play in your town this summer!