Everything evolves to suit the life it chose or was forced to live. This has always been the case. It still is. And it is unpredictable I mean, right now, even with so much technological development, we can only imagine what is the next step for our species. But that’ll take thousands of years, maybe more. 

LMAO no! Chill out. None of our descendants is going to be in the X-Men. 


As of right now,  OnlineCasino.ca has predicted a certain kind of evolution, one that they claim would take place in about 20 years- the evolution of a gamer, if they don’t change their lifestyle. 

And this is what they claim gamers would look like: 


They have named this mode- Michael. The website claims that the ‘average gamer spends 6 hours each week playing online video games which is an increase of 19.3% in the last year. Gamers in the UK play the most (7.15 hours per week) with many even becoming addicts and spending up to 18 hours a day online’.

It also mentions WHO recogising video game addiction as a real thing. 

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So apparently, all gamers will go bald dude to the lack of Vitamin D, and the skulls will be indented due to the recessive use of headphones…

… fingers will get twisted and have blisters from using controllers and keyboards way too much. The writs would feel numb and swell due to the excessive use of the mouse. 

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Even their legs would get all messed up, the study claims. 

Due to sitting for long periods of time, ankles will become swollen. This is because when inactive for increasing amounts of time muscles cannot pump fluid back towards the heart, so fluid and blood retains around the ankles causing swelling and discomfort.
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Now while this does seem a little far fetched, especially for a 20-year deadline, gaming can be addictive. We all know that. So be careful how you go on about your lives. Because even if you don’t end up looking like this, 18 hours of gaming a day is still a pretty stupid thing to do.