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As long as they have a phone and an internet connection, anyone can play the great game of Poker. Besides, it’s only for so long that one can deny themselves the thrill of breaking out in a cold sweat with each turn of a card. 

The craze for the National Poker Series, India that premiered on 13th June, is sky-high right now. Every genius Poker mind in the country wants to participate in this platform on, nursing the hope of making a career out of their talent. Each event in the series has proved to be a crowd-puller with its huge bank of cash prizes. But the most notable of them all is the Golden Rush event which is being talked about for all the right reasons. Here are 6 things you must know about it if you consider yourself a Poker enthusiast. 

1. The Golden Rush event is the highest valued event in the history of Indian poker. You can enter the event with only ₹550 and stand a chance to win from a prize pool worth ₹1 crore.

2. A total of 13K participants have already registered for the event, making it the largest Indian Poker tournament ever. 

3. Golden Rush is one of the 8 marquee events of the National Poker Series, India that gives Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the podium holders.

4. It gives you a total of 15 chances to qualify and there are 3 chances that are still left between 25th & 27th June. So go look for your phones now!

5. Winning this event will get you a seat at the Night of Champions. This is a Sit’N’Go event scheduled for July 3rd and will be organised online on The top two winners can win a cash prize of ₹7 Lakhs and ₹3 Lakhs. 

6. You can play Golden Rush any day and get a free ticket to any other National Poker Series, India tournament worth ₹1 lakh.

You can participate in this tournament from any part of the country where playing Poker is legally allowed. To win a free ticket to NPS Golden Rush, you can download the app on your phone or desktop from and use the code ‘GOLDEN’ while signing up!

May the flops be with you!