After making gamers across the globe wait for months, Activision finally released Call of Duty Mobile. Though the game promises the same experience it has been delivering for years on the PC, the real question is how is it compared to PUBG Mobile, which is currently ruling the smartphone gaming world.


So, here’s how it compares against PUBG Mobile.



Call of Duty Mobile:

As soon as the game starts, you will notice clean and realistic visuals and graphics. You may find good texture on other games, however, they tend to degrade when the device undergoes the stress during some scenes.

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Though the visuals are degraded to maintain consistent frame rates, it seems like Tencent have done a great job to tackle the problem. It has been optimised in a way that the game environment including the high-quality buildings and grasses doesn’t stress the device as much.


Now you will be able to clearly see your target from a distance even if they are prone in the grass. The smaller details like weapons and spray paints are way more detailed in Call of Duty. 


PUBG Mobile:

Talking about the visuals and graphics of PUBG Mobile, if you have played the game, you know how hard it is to hit a target from far away because of the messed up mechanics. The frame rate of PUBG Mobile is too low as compared to the FPS that you get while playing Call of Duty Mobile. Also, the environment in PUBG Mobile is not as clean as COD.



Call of Duty Mobile:

COD Mobile includes most of the popular multiplayer maps such as Crash, Crossfire, Firing Range, Standoff, Nuketown, Hijack and Killhouse.

PUBG Mobile:

In PUBG you are given only four maps, Sanhok, Erangel, Vikendi and Miramar and all of them are quite big.

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Call of Duty:

Call of Duty Mobile has a lot to offer for a game that just launched. To prepare you for the battle royale mode, the game has very detailed training sessions that help players to understand all the options that the game offers including the combat. Also, a player has to reach level 7 if he wants to play the battle royale mode.


Apart from the battle royal mode, the game offers a classic mode that includes the Frontline, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and a mode to practice with AI.

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PUBG Mobile:

The PUBG Mobile is all about the battle royale and it lets you get into the battle without any rank restrictions. It also has several game modes like Classic, Arcade, and EvoGround, but none of them is as exciting as the modes in COD Mobile.

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Call of Duty:

The game has somewhat similar controls to other battle royale games with an option to customize it according to your preferences. The players also get an auto-ADS (Aim Down Sights) option along with the regular aiming option that might be useful in certain situations if you are familiar with it.


The game also gives an option to slide and jump to kill enemies along with run and gun with high accuracy. The developers have managed to include a ton of features while maintaining the smoothness of the gameplay. If you use a smartphone with a high refresh rate display like OnePlus 7T or the Asus ROG phone 2, you will actually feel the difference in smoothness.


PUBG Mobile:

Unlike COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile has just the regular aiming mode which means there is no auto-ADS for your help. It also does not allow you to use fancy features like slide and jump. The worst part about PUBG Mobile is that it doesn’t matter how powerful your device is, you may feel frame drop every then and now.


Should you install it today?

There’s no doubt that the game has successfully impressed all who are into the battle royal genre. Tencent, the company behind publishing both COD and PUBG, has certainly done a commendable job at taking mobile gaming specially battle royale to the next level.


COD is indeed a true competitor of PUBG and in the future, it might dethrone the latter. If you like playing battle royal games and want to get your hands on it, you can download the game from here.