If you played mobile games back in the good old days when PUBG and Fornite weren’t a thing, we bet you loved playing Angry Birds.

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The game that featured multi-coloured birds being flung to knock down the pigs, has just turned 10. Right after its launch in December 2009, the game garnered a whopping fan base.

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Compared to the heavy games we have these days which bring a lot of stress along with them, it was a game that was a great stress buster for people. Though people used to play it all day, we never heard anything like mobile gaming addiction.

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On its 10th anniversary, Angry Birds shared a video of its journey on Twitter with a caption, “It’s our 10th anniversary! Take a look back at all of the highlights from the last decade and see all of the games, animations, stunts, name drops, collaborations, and more that have made Angry Birds a household name all over the globe!”

If you think games like PUBG started mobile gaming addiction, think again because it all started with games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

It was the first time when people realised how addictive a simple mobile game could be. You could have easily found people playing Angry Birds on their phones.

According to Hindustan Times, Angry Birds is the only game to be played at the International Space Station and has been downloaded even in Antarctica.

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The franchise did not stop at the first edition, in 2011 it collaborated with the animation film Rio for another edition of the game. In 2014, it again collaborated with EPIC RPG and launched Angry Birds Epic.

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The game is still so addictive that if you start playing it right now, we bet you won’t be able to stop.

Not just games but the franchise also made a movie which was the first one based on a mobile game. If it brings back some nostalgia, you can download the Angry Birds 2 from here (Android) or here (iOS).