Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people are stuck in their homes and are discovering new ways to cure their boredom. Amidst this, Google has launched a throwback game series ‘Stay and Play at Home’ to keep people engaged during the lockdown.


Here are the best Google Doodle games that you must try.

1. Coding for Carrots

Coding for Carrots is a simple yet interesting game where a player has to create simple combinations of commands that will lead your character, a rabbit, to carrots on each level. You can play the game from here.


2. ICC Championships Trophy 2017

This game is ridiculously fun to play and by playing it even just for once, you will understand why it’s one of Google’s most popular game. A player gets unlimited balls to play with a single wicket in hand. To play the game, you can click here.


3. Clara Rockwell’s Theremin

The game offers you a chance to play a song on a signature instrument from the 1930s Clara Rockwell’s theremin. By moving your cursor over the notes, a player can perform his own masterpiece on the theremin. You can get the game here.


4. Celebrating Garden Gnomes

This game is an absolute blast that lets a player use a trebuchet to fling a gnome hundreds of meters. The longer a player flings, the higher he scores. You can play the game from here.


5. Celebrating Wilbur Scoville

This game lets you play as a trio of ice cream scoops who are fighting back against various peppers, where each pepper is getting progressively hotter. A player has to beat all the levels and earn the hottest ranking. You can get the game here.


6. Magic Cat Academy

The game was first featured for Halloween 2016 where your character is an apprentice spellcaster who is tasked to defeat an army of ghosts that seek to destroy a school.

To play, simply draw the symbols about each ghost’s head to cast spells to defeat them. You can play the game here.


7. 44th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Hip-Hop

This is less of a game and more of an experience. Take over a dual-deck turntable and mix some music from a basket of the most iconic tracks in hip-hop history. You can get it here.


If you are bored during the lockdown, don’t worry Google has got you covered with these interesting games that will keep you engaged for long hours.