In the past, we have heard about a lot of incidents where people have accidentally sold expensive things for way less money than its actual worth. In a similar incident, a man spent more than £1 million on a video game character but his friend sold it for £400.

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According to News18, Lu Mou, a man in China spent nearly 10 Million Chinese Yuan (£1.1 million) on developing a character in the game Justice Online.

Mou gave the character to his friend, Li Mouscheng, for playing but later found that the character was listed on the in-game marketplace, NetEase, for just ¥3,888. As a result, Mou sued his friend.

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The report says that while trying to return the character to his friend, Mouscheng made an error due to being dizzy from excessive gaming.

After the matter reached the court, a judge at the Hongya County Court ruled that the game character must be returned to the original owner. Also, the loss of ¥90,000 must be awarded to the person who bought the customised character for the discounted price.


Not just that, the court warned people about spending too much on games and the dangers of excessive gaming as the incident came after the country announced strict measures on gamers in an attempt to combat gaming addiction in the country.