We’ve all played Tetris on those old Nokia phones. And we’ve also set some crazy freaking records playing Snakes!


But what if we were asked to play both of them at the same time?

We would crash and burn every single time. It would be one tough game to win. 


Well, according to The Verge, Grégoire Divaret-Chauveau, a developer from France has made a game where you play Tetris and Snake at the same time with the same controls.


Oh, and BTW, you lose in one, you lose in both. 


According to Divaret-Chauveau’s website, the game was made for Codevember. It mandates developers to create something based on a theme every day and the 9th day’s theme was ‘game.’

Now both games can be extremely challenging by themselves. So when you combine the two, the difficulty levels just shoot up to an unprecedented level. 


The biggest problem is that if you lose in one game, you lose the other too. So if you are trying to get a line in Tetris, you might just crash your snake on a wall and lose the game. 

Monster gif

The thing is that our brain finds it difficult to direct our body to multiple patterns at the same time. 

Know your meme

But hey, the game is simple. You might feel like destroying your device after getting frustrated but don’t do that. It’s challenging and fun and might just be the toughest game ever made by mankind.