As a 90’s kid, technology reached us quite slowly. Be it the desktop or a walkman or even cell phones, we got our hands on all of this one by one. 

So naturally, when we were introduced to a cell-phone, both us and our parents were damn intrigued. The idea of actually getting to talk to someone anywhere at any point seemed like a miracle. 

For 95% of the Indian janta, this miracle was brought by a Nokia cellphone. 


Of course, for all those 90’s kids who’re all grown up now, the durability of the phone didn’t mean jackshit. What mattered to us that time was a revolutionary game that changed our lives forever – The Snake Game AKA Snake. 

I remember finding out about this game accidentally while I was fiddling with my mother’s Nokia 3310. The game’s icon (of a snake, smh) caught my attention. 

Honestly, there was no looking back after finding out about it. That small dot extending into a line every time it ate an apple was pretty much the most fascinating thing I had seen in my life. 


Sure, there were those gamebox’s which you could connect to the TV and play. But Snake was the most addictive game which you could play any damn time.       

It was one of those games which took us into a new era in mobile phone gaming. 


It was one of those games that made us steal our parents phones while they were sleeping. It made getting scolded at totally worth it. 

I mean why the hell not? This revolutionary AF game made saving yourself from your own damn tail much more interesting than doing homework or studying for an exam. 


It never got boring. In fact, it upgraded to Snake 2, which was pretty much the best version. It had mazes and you could go in through one side and appear from the other. Basically, it was every gamer’s dream. 

But the worst thing that happened to this game was that it kept upgrading. It changed an innocent black and white dot with minimal graphics to a 3D psychedelic snake. 

What the hell?


Maybe now all the kids have their cool gadgets with amazing graphics. But let’s get one thing clear, Snake paved the way for all the mobile gaming that exists today and there’s no denying that.