After PUBG was banned in India, actor Akshay Kumar made an announcement that he will be launching a game titled FAU-G soon – a direct alternative to the Chinese counterpart. 

Short for Fearless and United-Guards, the action game is being developed by nCORE Games. The news was well-received until people started pointing out that the poster of the game has been spotted quite a few times on the internet. 

The image is quite similar to the album artwork of the song Today We Rise by Collision Of Innocence. It has also been used by FanaticalFuturist in a news article back in January, 2020. However, the image is actually a Shutterstock picture taken by photographer Phet Thai, back in 2019 which is probably where it was lifted from. 

The game is set to launch by October and 20% of its net proceeds will be donated to the ‘Bharat Ke Veer Trust.’