If the internet could be considered as an entire race, it's god would unquestionably be Google. However, the all-knowing, all-powerful deity of the internet isn't without mistakes and it seems that a few of his flaws have been caught by perfectionist mortals. 

And as it turns out, Redditors have found faults within Google's logo itself.

Source: Reddit

The Google Logo is asymmetric AF.

Source: Reddit

There have also been complaints about the varying thickness of the logo.

Source: Arcitecturendesign

People have also pointed out how geometrically imperfect the logo is.

Source: Twitter

Even the address bar was put under the radar by the internet.

Source: Reddit

Few others seem to have not stopped the nitpicking and have come up with ways to fix the "problem".

Source: 9gag

But all this might not have been a mistake on Google's part. We mean, come on, a company that goes through so much detailed efforts for a logo is unlikely to overlook such mistakes.

Source: Wired

Google says, "Our new logotype is set in a custom, geometric sans-serif typeface and maintains the multi-coloured playfulness —a reminder that we’ll always be a bit unconventional."

Source: creativebloq.

To quote Google's page about its logo, "The Google logo has always had a simple, friendly, and approachable style. We wanted to retain these qualities by combining the mathematical purity of geometric forms with the childlike simplicity of schoolbook letter printing."

Source: India Times

We really want to believe that Google is perfect without flaws but now that these supposed flaws have been pointed out, it is a little difficult to ignore them.