The love a man has for his beard is evergreen: strong and intense. However, keeping the facial hair soft, trimmed, full or on point can be a difficult task. Here are 6 grooming products that will help you keep your beard clean and looking suave, without much efforts. 

1. The Man Company

What to buy - Beard Care Kit

Price - ₹1,049

Give your beard wholesome care with the nourishing properties of almond and thyme. 

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Source: The Man Company

2. Bombay Shaving

What to buy - Beard Butter

Price - ₹645/-

Convert your dry, unruly beard into a soft, manageable one. 

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Source: Bombay Shaving

3. Urban Beard

What to buy - Shampoo Bar

Price - ₹1,100

Give your facial hair a gentle cleanse that leaves you looking and smelling good.

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Source: Urban Beard

4. Happily Unmarried

What to buy - Beard Growth Serum

Price - ₹450

The perfect solution to grow your facial hair hassle-free. 

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Source: Happily Unmarried

5. Truefitt And Hill

What to buy - Gentleman's Beard Oil

Price - ₹3000

Pamper your mane with coconut, avocado, sesame, jojoba and argan oil. 

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Source: ruefitt and Hill

6. Beardo

What to buy - Beard Hair Color

Price - ₹500

Covers those grey facial hair instantly.

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Source: Beardo

 Take care! 

Feature Source: The Idle Man