Sometimes in life you have to value your talents when no one else does. 

Like this guy, who sent his application to Guinness World Record for memorising the value of Pi to... not 4, not 5, not 6 but TWO decimals. 


But Guinness World Record would have none of it and the officials told him that he doesn't qualify for the record. 

Not that he stood a chance in the first place because guess what, he had gotten even those two decimals wrong. Instead of 3.14, he remembered 3.11.

Source: Irish Examiner

Good folks at Guinness World Record were very polite in their rejection, though. The guy, named 'Sir Michael' on Twitter, put it up and he was clearly disheartened. 

People had all sorts of reactions to this, though. 

I have memorised four English alphabets- ACBD. I need my world record certificate.