Hampi in Karnataka is one of the most beautiful places to exist in today's world. It has ancient monuments depicting the culture and significance of the ages gone by.

An Instagram account hampi_royal is dedicated to showcasing Hampi's grandeur to the world. They have stunning pictures ranging from its monuments to the people inhabiting modern day Hampi.


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A coracle ride in hampi is a must.

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Even a week won't be enough to explore this magical place.

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That's centuries of history speaking to you.

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Near Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy Temple there are around 27 Nandi statues and Shivalingas carved on the rock bed nearby.

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The Stepwell, Old Hampi

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This is simply breathtaking.

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In case, you haven't seen a gorgeous sunset in a while.

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The majestic Hampi ruins

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Hemkut jain temples

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Please take me there!

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King’s Balance in Hampi is an ancient and rare balance scale. This rare balance scale is also known as Tula Bhara or Tula Purushadana. The King’s Balance was used in the 15thcentury. It has a fascinating history associated to it. The story goes that the balance was used by the kings of the Vijayanagara Empire on special occasions like the New Year’s Day, Coronation ceremony, solar or lunar eclipse, Dasara, etc. The king used to weigh himself with gold, silver, gems, precious stones and jewellery and give away those things to the priests of the temples in charity. Courtesy @deeghii Follow us to see the beauty of hampi and tag photos to feature. #hampi #beautiful #natgeo #natgeotravel #unescoworldheritage #unesco #photography #incredibleindia #incredibleviews #indiapictures #photography #tourism #hampi_royal #solotravel #ruins #travelalone #worldcaptures #history #karnatakatourism #indiatourism #explore #thetravelwomen #travel #bangalore #karnataka #architecture #india #cultural #heritage #goa #instagram

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Nobody can get tired of clicking pictures here.

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The emblem on the ₹50 note is from Hampi.

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All images have been curated by hampi_royal. You can follow them to witness more of the Hampi magic.