Katherine Langford, the actress who played the role of Hannah in 13 Reasons Why, has allegedly been cast in the next iteration of Avengers: Infinity War.

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People already have spun up some theories which alleges that she could play the role of Kate Bishop. 

Kate, in the comics, is an archer and her character is similar to that of Clint Barton's Hawkeye and is his protégé. While Hawkeye didn't make an appearance in Infinity War, fans are eagerly awaiting what he'll do in Avengers 4. Now, it turns out, he might have a sidekick, if fan theories are to be believed.

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People across the Internet were keen on knowing how she'd look as Kate in the film and that is when this sprung up:

Katherine Langford's character is reportedly a last-minute addition to the roster of new characters who will feature in the upcoming film. 

And why not? Half of the characters in the MCU are dead already, courtesy of Star-Lord. 

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Considering the fact that Marvel has decided to add more female superheroes to the cinematic universe, and that a standalone Hawkeye project is in development, this seems to be a valid possibility.

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As expected, people across Twitter had some pretty interesting reactions to the casting.

While the Russo brothers are trying to keep any information about the new characters from spilling out until the new movie arrives, we are keen on knowing how her character will play out.