Last night, some of us couldn't commit to our pre-Holi parties because we were glued to the TV. The India vs Bangladesh T20 World Cup match took the fans through a roller-coaster ride of emotions, cheers and tense moments, and depending on which side you support, those few hours either gave you a high no amount of bhang could match, or aged you more than you aged in the last couple of years. 

India beat Bangladesh by 1 run.

You can watch the highlights of the match here.

Did India play their best cricket? Maybe not. But you cannot deny that the match was a nail-bitter. India won by 1 run after all. 

Amidst many reactions of people on social media, perhaps the one that sums it up best is that from Harsha Bhogle. This is what he said - 

Trust Mr. Bhogle to always come up with the most humbling analysis of a match and yet sound positive - even to those who supported the other team. Massive respect, sir!